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The Advantages and the Disadvantages of Electric and Gas Lawn Mowers

Electric and Gas Lawn Mowers

It is important for lawn owners to have a clear understanding of the most specific features that they must look out for when buying a lawn mower. There are several choices available when it comes to making the choice of an all-inclusive lawn mower. However, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when carrying out the task of choosing the best lawn mower. The size of the yard or the lawn is one of the most important determinants in making the choice of a mower. There are some models that offer the best performance only if the users have a very large garden while there are other varieties that might not be perfect for huge yards but will suit the likes of small gardens.

Here, we will be having a look at some of the major advantages and disadvantages of electric and gas lawn mowers. Both these varieties have their very own strong and weak points. However, experts are of the belief that the choice is completely of the users.

Electrical Lawn Mowers

Electric and Gas Lawn MowersAs is implied by the name, electrical lawn mowers are machines that can be operated through electricity. These mowers generally come with cords that can easily be plugged into power outlets. However, there are other varieties that are semi-cordless and rechargeable.

Advantages of Electric Mowers

Some of the major advantages of electric mowers are as follows:

  • Electrically-powered lawn mowerstend to be less noisy and they generally run on electric power.
  • These mowers do not emit any kind of exhaust and are environmentally-friendly. With the use of these mowers, there is absolutely no or little danger of the air being polluted.
  • The users of these mowers do not need to go for spark plug replacements. Spark plugs are an important feature of traditional mowers. They play an important role in starting the mower engine. The hassle of getting new spark plugs is completely eliminated with the use of electric mowers.
  • Electric mowers are affordable.
  • They are lighter since their motors are not as heavy as the gas mowers.
  • These mowers can be started very easily with the use of a button. They do not have crankshafts and pull cords.
  • Users do not need to spend their hard-earned money of gas that can be expensive.

The Disadvantages of Electric Mowers

The weak points of an electric lawn mower are as follows:

  • They are not perfect for large gardens and lawns since they are corded. Their cords reduce the mobility of the users as they need to be plugged into a power socket. Thus, moving around a huge garden might be difficult with the corded electric mowers.
  • It might be very difficult to cut thick and tough grasses with an electric mower because of their small engine capacity.
  • These mowers generally require specialist mechanics when they fail to start or serve the function that they are intended to. Basically speaking, the issues in these mowers cannot be identified by common users.

Now that we have got an idea of the advantages and the disadvantages of electric lawn mowers, let us check out the benefits and the drawbacks of gasoline lawn mowers.

Gas Lawn Mowers

Electric and Gas Lawn MowersGas lawn mowers can be defined as big-engine mowers that are powered by gas. These mowers are best used for mowing large lawns but they can be very noisy. These machines have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and we will be having a look at these below:

Benefits of Gas Lawn Mowers

The strongest points of gas-powered mowersare as follows:

  • These machines have the tendency to last for a very long time. They are durable.
  • They work best for large gardens and lawns. These mowers do not feature cords. This means that they do not limit the mobility of the users.
  • They have the potential of cutting through tougher and thicker grasses with complete ease. This is just because they come with bigger and more powerful engines.
  • Gas lawn mowers are safer as there are no dangers of experiencing electric shocks as is the case with electric mowers.

Drawbacks of Gas Lawn Mowers

The main drawbacks of gas lawn mowers are as follows:

  • Gas-powered mowers require a regular maintenance routine.
  • These mowers are quite heavy and thus they cannot be maneuvered very easily. Their large engines make them very heavy.
  • Gas lawn mowers are noisy and they might be the cause of frustration for the users.
  • These mowers emit exhaust and toxic waste that can pollute the environment. Thus, it can rightly be said that gas lawn mowers are not only major contributors to noise and air pollution but they also harm the environment.
  • One of the major drawbacks of these mowers is that they can be started only when the users crack levers or pull cords attached to these machines. This can be very difficult for some users.

So, these are the advantages and the disadvantages of electric and gas lawn mowers. It is completely upon you to choose the mower that best suits your requirement, your budget and most importantly your preference.

The Verdict on Using the Right Lawn Mower

There are many individuals who have this aim of protecting the atmosphere or the environment. There are people who like to be of some use for the environment by banning the use of products that tend to have a negative impact on the surroundings. It is known to every individual that gas prices are rising every day and they have even recorded some greatest heights. Therefore, it would not be incorrect to say that electric mowers are the best lawn mowing equipments available in the present times. They are mowers for the environmental-conscious individuals. Since these mowers do not require gas, they do not waste natural resources while caring for your lawn.

Cost savings can hugely be made with the use of electric lawn mowers. This is because you will have to pay less in charging your battery-powered motor and pay more for the gas required for operating gasoline mowers. The reduction is gas consumption is not the only advantage that comes from the use of electric mowers but it is also important to note that the maintenance and upkeep costs of these mowers are also very low. Users can easily eliminate the requirement of oil filters, tune-ups and other maintenance tasks that need to be carried out if they are using the gasoline mowers. It is also worth noting that electric mowers are lighter and thus they can easily be operated. This helps the users in cutting back on the time that they spend in mowing their lawns.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers are More Advantageous that Corded Mowers

Electric and Gas Lawn MowersElectric and gas lawn mowers are certainly required by homeowners and even by the owners of big businesses or the ones that operate large manufacturing units. There are many people who like to go for the cordless electric motors while there are others who choose gas lawn mowers. Making the choice of a cordless electric mower can help in saving the environment. The cordless varieties have identical features like the gas-powered varieties with the only difference being the source of power.

The Advantages of Using Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers over Gas Lawn Mowers

The cordless electric mowers get their power from charged batteries allowing the users to have complete freedom of movement. However, the users need to remain fully aware of the fact that the batteries are completely charged prior to using the equipment for mowing their lawns. One major reason why more and more people are going for the cordless electric varieties is because these mowers do not have movement-limiting cables.

The owners of cordless electric mowers do not need to go for spark plug replacements and oil changes. In comparison to the gasoline-powered lawn mowers, the cordless varieties are completely noiseless. Apart from giving the eardrums of the users a break of frustrating noise, the cordless versions also come with environmental advantages. These mowers emit less harmful waste and can even be transported very easily from one place to another. Starting these mowers is completely effortless as they are lighter in comparison to the traditional models. These mowers do not have pull chords that need to be pulled in order to start the engine. They simply start at the push of a button.


However, there are certain disadvantages of using the cordless lawn mowers with the most prominent one being restricted capacity for mowing the lawn. Since these mowers are completely dependent on the power of batteries, they might not serve as the perfect choice for large gardens and yards. This is because if the batteries are not charged properly they might die out in the middle of mowing a large lawn thus being a major problem for the users. It is also worth noting that the cordless mowers have restrained strength.

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