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What are the Different Types of Lawn Mowers?

Lawn Mowers

Every lawn in almost every part of the world needs a good quality mower at one point or the other. Making the choice of the best lawn mowers can help in adding to the elegance and the appearance of your lawn. Depending on your individual preferences and likes, you can either go for the conventional gasoline-operated varieties or the electric ones. Both these mowers have their individual features. When choosing a mowing device, one of the most primary considerations is the overall lawn area.

In these present times, there are different varieties that can be listed under the name of the best mowers. It is true that just one model of a mower might not be perfect for all lawns. Nonetheless, there are varieties available that will perfectly suit the varied lawn structures and qualities. It is to be noted that the electric varieties are available in two forms and they are corded and cordless or chargeable machines. Opinion as to which variety would be the best can vary from one person to another. While an individual might feel that an electrically-operated machine would be suitable because of its lightweight and quite operation, there can be other individuals who would find that the gas-operated varieties are more of use. Here, we will be having a look at the different varieties of lawn mowers and their uses.

Different Categories of Lawn Mowers

The first field mower was invented by Edwin Beard Budding around 187 years ago for the purpose of trimming grass on sports grounds and extensive grounds. Since the inception of these useful machines, there have been many research practices and discoveries made on this device and it is only because of these researches and explorations that today there are massive varieties of these machines available throughout the market. Not to mention, each variety is aptly suited for a specific type of job. In this situation, it might get difficult for you to choose the right model. However, there is nothing for you to worry as you get a clear segregation of different lawn mower varieties below:

Reel Mowers

Lawn MowersThe reel mowers are the first and the most basic varieties. They are also called cylindrical mowers. These machines feature blades that are located on a stationary bar and revolving cylinder for propping up grass. The blades found on the revolving cylinder cut down grass when the stationary bar props up grass. Such mowers can effectively be used for trimming short-height grass. Areas that are cleaned using these machines look cleaner and more even with fine grasses left as the end result.

Rotary Mowers

As is suggested by the name, these varieties are used for carrying out tasks that cannot be completed perfectly with the use of the cylindrical mowers. These machines help in trimming the rotary designs or the longer grass. They feature a spinning blade that spins at the speed of an engine. The blade is positioned on a certain deck that also serves in the form of a vacuum chamber. This vacuum chamber helps in raising the grass that needs to be cut. Nevertheless, the areas cleaned with the use of these mowers are not as clean as the ones that are cleaned using the reel mowers. This is because these machines have horizontal blades that bend while trimming grass.

Hover Mowers

Hover mowers are known for their hovering designs. Very similar to the rotary mowers, these machines also feature a rotating blade. Nevertheless, there is a difference in the blade featured in hover mowers. The blades of these machines come with an air cushion that pushes the blade. These machines are perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas and uneven lawns.

Robotic Mowers

These are the best machines for individuals who are simply in love with technology. As is suggested by their name, these mowers have the ability of cutting grass automatically. These machines can easily clean up several acres of land in just a matter of few minutes. Also, they have the capacity of detecting wire borders and fencing on ground. Thus, they work on only those areas that need to be cleaned. You can even get self-docking mowers that feature highly technological sensors. These sensors help in the detection of rain. These are the personal favorites of a large number of people across the world.

Gas Mowers

Lawn MowersAlways known for the string performance that they offer, the gas-powered mowers are best for cutting through thick and tall grass. They are the best machines for mowing large lawns. Due to the fact that gasoline and oil remain separate in these machines, there is no need of pre-mixing. However, it is worth noting that these machines need periodic maintenance if you want them to offer the same efficiency for years. There are self-propelled gas mowers available that can help in reducing fatigue and mowing time. The machines do this by eliminating the stress of pushing them across the yard or the garden that needs to be mowed.

Electric Mowers

The electric versions of mowers are effortless to work with. They are light in weight and can even be maintained very easily. These machines are perfect for reaching out to the hard-to-reach corners of the house. Even these machines operate quietly and do not require fuel to offer optimum performance. These lightweight mowers come with many of the features that are found in cordless and gas models. The corded electric varieties of mowers come with 8 to 12 amp motors. However, the cordless varieties are more convenient as they do not limit the users through a cord. They also help in avoiding the hassle of gas engine maintenance.


The new versions of lawn mowers available in the market feature many extra and value-added services. The modern-day mowers also come with sharper blades. They are best for taking up all lawn-maintenance assignments on the go.

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